For obvious reasons, writing about the military is one hell of a task for those who didn’t serve. Read these samples to get a better idea of how to do it right.

Should Every Able-Bodied Citizen Do Military Service?

Essays, 294 words

Many countries in the world have already abolished mandatory conscription to the military forces, some don’t have armed forces at all, while there are still nations where this conscription is obligatory. Everything depends on the significance of the country on the international level, the influence it has on the other countries, as well as the…

Is Military Recruitment at High Schools Acceptable?

Essays, 299 words

In this or that form military recruiters were often associated with high schools; yet, with the beginning of the Iraq War this presence became much more noticeable and led to controversy in the recent years. For some reasons, the society and, most notably, parents consider high school students to be far less intelligent than the…

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